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Sus lutulenta sequitur.

As pigs are drawn to mud

Unctis trahuntur qui culinis, aut penu,
Veniunt libenter ad paratas & dapes,
Mores heri, & vocantis hos opus sequi.
Blandis adulator modis nam pascitur,
Consuetus & libidinum suavibus
Coire coetibus: videntur haud secus
Agere, sues quàm qui domum emptas promovent,
Pedibus ligatas: nam simul vestigia
Coguntur hinc & inde per coenum, lutum, &
Quascunque per vias vocantur consequi.
Laudatus esse vis si, amato quae bona,
Et pura, non mendaciis beabere.

Those drawn to greasy kitchens and the pantry take their place happily at the high table, to follow the habits of their lord, mine host. For flatterers feed themselves by seductive tones, and they are used to coming together in sweet feasts of lust: they seem like people who bring pigs bought at market home, tying them by the leg. For they are forced to follow his footprints through mud, manure, and on whatever roads he calls them. Rather wish for praise, that you may not owe your happiness to lies, and love what is good and pure.

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