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Cur sues cancris vescantur.

Why pigs eat crabs

Sus capitis curat graviorem saepè dolorem,
Dum cancros fluviis qui generantur, edit.
Collige verborum quae sit sententia paucis,
Singula nam prosunt moribus apta bonis,
Qui vitiis sese dedunt, & prava sequuntur,
Ad frugem nunquam mens nisi versa redit.
Est opus inflectat vitam contrarius ordo,
Atque gradus retro, quomodò cancer, eant.
Haec medicina levat lutulentos nectare morbos,
Consilio ut liqueat poenituisse mali.

The pig cures a greater pain as he eats crabs that are born in the rivers. Collect the verbal maxims of the few, for certain things are helpful which are suited to good morals. The mind that gives itself to sin and follows evil ways will never reach the fruit except by turning. The opposite order of life must bend it, and its steps, like those of the crab, must go backwards. This medicine heals muddy disease with nectar, so that it clearly, by dint of good counsel, should be ashamed of sin.

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