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Usus, non lectio prudentes facit.

Use, not reading merely reading creates sagacious people

Ad Fulvium Ursinum suum.[1]

Non doceo semper, non est cur saepè revisas,
Lectorum memorem pagina nostra facit.
Possidet ingentem numerum qui vendit avarus,
Doctior at nunquam bibliopola fuit.
Perpetuò si nos verses, relegasque severus,
Si non utaris, contineasve memor:
Nunquam proficies, periit labor, atque lucerna.
Officii hoc nostri ut te moneamus erat.
Id quoniam rectè noras doctissime Fulvi,
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [D8r p63]Imprimis veteres te erudiere libri.
Horum tu numerum insignem, rarumque tueris,
Ingenio multos restituisque libros.
Id quoque delectat Sambucum, & tota vetustas:
Prosimus quibus est copia nulla, vale.

I do not always teach, there is no reason frequently to return to me; our page makes one mindful of what one has read. A tremendous number the greedy man who sells possesses, but never did the bookseller become more learned. If you, austere man, would keep turning over and re-read us, you would never gain from it, the work and light [lit. lucerna = lamp; so ref. to what is learned by lamp light at night] is lost, if you would not use it or retain it in your memory. It was our duty to remind you of this. Because you know this well, most learned Orsini, above all the old books have civilised you. You keep a remarkable and rare number of these, and with your talent you recovered many books. This also pleases Sambucus, as does the whole of Antiquity. Let us be of help to those who may have less abundance of means and talent.


1.  Fulvius Ursinus, or Fulvio Orsini, Roman antiquarian and historian (d. 1600). His large collection of books and manuscripts ultimately became part of the Vatican library.

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