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Vel minima offendunt.[1]

Even the smallest things offend.

Parvae etiam caussae magnos in damna vocarunt,
Scrupulus incoeptum nnne moratur iter?
Ingens Ponto piscis defertur in Istrum,
Husonem[2] vulg Pannonis ora vocat.
Parvulus adverso nare hunc quoque flumine cogit
Sturiolus[3], nostras hoc cumulatque dapes.
Qum leviter praeda potitur piscator amoena,
Dulcibus aequoreas dum Huso relinquit aquas.
Sic furem, longis artem qui exercuit annis,
Mica salis meritam cogit adire crucem.

Even small causes often call the great to their doom. Does not the pebbly road delay a vast expedition? A massive fish is born down Ister’s streams, called Huso in the vulgar Pannon tongue [i.e., Hungarian]. The little sturiolus forces him, too, to swim against the stream, and with him crowns our feast. As easily as the fisherman takes his sweet prey, as Huso leaves the seawater for pleasures, so the thief who has practised his art over many years is forced to suffer crucifixion for a grain of salt.


1. Huso huso is the taxonomic name for the German ‘Hausen’, the largest of the sturgeons, and the largest freshwater fish in Europe, found in the Black Sea and the mouth of the Danube.

2. Another fish. Possibly the Acipenser sturio, or European Sea Sturgeon, much smaller than the Huso, and found much further up the Danube.

3. This emblem uses a different pictura in the French edition. The woodcut used here is the same as another in this edition: ‘Nihil negligendum’, [FSAb150].

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