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Temeraria ignorantia.

Heedless ignorance

Ad Bartholomaeum Marlianum.[1]

Muscae sunt temerariae, & molestae,
Lambunt prandia, nec moventur actae.
Has ut fortis, & inclytus repellit,
Nec suffert, ita literas colentes
Mites sunt studiis, loquacitatem,
Ignaros, temerariosque vitant.
Hi audent quidvis enim movere ubique,
Auresque obruere elegantiores.
Cervus cornibus abdidit relictis
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [E2r p67]Se, maremque piget, magè est pudicus.
Sic quos expoliunt novem sorores,
Et florent solida eruditione:
Hos lenes videas, parum & loquentes,
Nec nugas modò venditare inanes.

Flies are heedless and irritating: they lap at our food and will not let themselves be driven off. But man strong and famous repels them, and does not allow them to stay, so those who cultivate the literary arts are made kind by their studies, and avoid loquacity and heedless and ignorant men. For these are brave enough to undertake anything anywhere, and to overcome ears with better taste. The stag hides himself, having left behind his horns, and loathes his maleness, and takes on better morals. Just so, those who polish the nine sisters, and flourish bright with firm learning, are - as you should see - soft and speaking in few words, and do more than sell empty trifles.


1.  Bartolomeo Marliani, Italian antiquarian, known for his topographical map of Rome, made in the 1530s.

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