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Imperatoris virtutes.

The virtues of a leader.

Quae ratio belli sit, qua virtute Ducemque
Instructum cupiam, si praestet fortibus ausis,
Ni piget, en brevibus declarat symbolon istud.
Consilio celerem decet, eloquióve potentem
Esse Ducem ut caveat, tardos, Martisque perosos
Exacuat, regat, inflectat sermone suavi.
Cłm proprium est paret arma, nocet cunctatio vana,
Infractusque animo reliquis praecurrat in hostem.
Anguibus & studium pacis, foedusque notatur.
Nil tamen haec prosunt, vacua estque scientia belli,
Si fortuna nocet, pulchros confundat & orsus.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [E5r p73]Absit avarities, dominetur nulla cupido,
Principis ut sequier possit vestigia miles,
Quem videat propriis parentem legibus usque.
Hunc fore victorem credas, dignisque triumphis
Imperioque ferentem aevi venientis honores.

What the way of war is, and how (with what virtue) the commander should, I would hope, be made ready, if he is to be preeminent in bold decisions, this image declares in a few words, if it doesn’t annoy. He ought to be bold in council, and strong in speech, in order to take care: let him sharpen, rule, and turn with sweet discourse the slow and those who suffer the hatred of Mars. When it is his duty, let him prepare arms: empty procrastination is harmful, and unbroken in spirit, let him rush forward at the head of the others against the foe. Let him register with snakes the love of peace and alliance. Unless these things help, the science of war is empty, if fortune does harm and confounds good beginnings. Let greed be far from him, and let no desire rule him, so the soldier should be able to follow the leader’s footsteps, whom he can see is a father always by his own laws. Such a man, believe me, will be a conqueror, and will bear the honours of the time to come with worthy triumphs and sway.

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