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Dum potes vive.

Live while you can

Ad Achillem Bochium, tanquàm paren-
tem, de sepia.[1]

For Achille Bocchi, as a father, about the cuttle-fish.

Dum me venatur, sequitur piscator avarus,
Decipio effuso prompta liquore manus.
Obscuri latices me condunt, cernere tectam
Atramenta vetant, abdita tuta nato.
Sic quibus in promptu modus est defendere vitam,
Cur non effugiunt, seque tuentur ope?
Donec qui caelo hanc animam demisit ab alto
Nos vocet, ac tenebras mutet honore graves.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [E7r p77]Displicet immatura Deo mors, nulla potestas
In vitam, supera quod datur arce, tibi.
Polypus evadit, vario dum ad saxa colore
Se induit, atque alias iniicit usque moras.
Tu qui praestiteris tantum, possisque, libenter
Ingenii nobis des monimenta tui.

While he is hunting me, the greedy fisherman follows me, when I’m visible, I deceive the hands by pouring out fluid. Dark waters conceal me, black pigments prevent to see me, the covered fish, and I swim safe and hidden. Thus, why do those who have the capabilities to defend their lifes, not flee and protect themselves with that power? Until He calls us, who sent this soul down from heaven, and replaces the heavy darkness with honour. A premature death offends God, you have no power over life which is given from the high citadel. The octopus escapes by putting on different colours on stones and takes on different throws in different obstacles all the time. You, who have achieved and can do so much, give us willingly the monuments of your talent.


1.  Achille Bocchi, a contemporary emblematist (d. 1562).

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