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Generosis DD. Marco & Ioanni Fuggeris fratribus.[1]

For the noble brothers Lords Marcus and Hans Fugger.

Lilia Fuggeris donans certissimus autor,
Haec, ait, aeternům non modň vere tuli.
Quidquid & addiderit virtus, tempusque serenum,
Compositis sit idem ius, sit honosque volo.
Spes fuit, hanc cumulant virtus, & fama perennis,
Arma domus propria haec nobilitatis habet.
Divitias virgo dedit, haud temerarius error
Fortunae, idque docet largior usus opum.
Nam quibus hae causis veniunt, commercia digna
Orsibus, & laudis nomen habere solent.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [E8r p79]Vivite concordes linguarum dotibus aucti,
Crescite multiplici semper honore pares.
Invideat nemo, noceat minus osor iniquus:
Assiduos meritis vesper, & ortus amet.

The most trustworthy of authors, when he donated the lilies of the Fuggers, said: “I bore these eternally, not just in the spring. And whatever virtue adds, and fine weather, I want them to have the same rights and honour in composition.” There was hope, and virtue and lasting fame to top her: the house has these for its arms of nobility. The Virgin gave wealth; fortune’s wanderings are hardly a matter of chance, and that teaches us to make more copious use of our wealth. For from the causes that made these deserved successes in business, they have had the fame of a high reputation. Live happily, made great by dowers of tongues, and grow, equal always to a many-sided honour. Let no one envy you, and may not the hatred of evil enemies harm you: let dawn and sunset love you equally, secure in your worthy deeds.


1.  Marcus (1529-97) and Hans (1531-98) Fugger, sons of Anton, founder of one of the (ennobled) branches of the banking house of Augsburg. Marcus was well-known as a patron of the arts and a collector. The younger branch of the family used the lily on its coat-of-arms.

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