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De oblivione & ferula Baccho dicata.

On forgetfulness and the fennel-stalk dedicated to Bacchus.

Odi memorem compotorem.

I hate a drinking-companion who remembers.

Odi symposii memorem, dubiae & simul
Litis: nam calices volo, verbaque libera,
Ludos atque iocos nive pectora candida.
Baccho rectè igitur veteres Ferulam dicant,
Oblitumque cor, ut penitus sileant, suos
Aut laesi socios leviter modo puniant.

I hate a man who remembers parties and dubious quarrels: for I want cups, free words, games and jokes, and breasts white as snow. The ancients rightly dedicated a fennel-stalk to Bacchus and a forgetful heart, so that comrades should keep deep silence, or causing offence, receive light punishment.

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