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Spes certa.

Secure hope

Passim mortales spe seducuntur inani,
Luditur & vanis non temeranda fides.
Quid magis est ovis dubium, sint candida quamvis,
Nónne movent stomachum, damnaque saepe ferunt?
Si Gallina tamen genitali his[1] incubet igni,
Ac foveat praesens subdita dona calor,
Certius an quidquam pullis, & foenore vivo,
In tutis igitur spemque decusque loca.

Mortals everywhere are seduced by vain hope, and good faith, not to be descecrated, plays tricks on the foolish. What is more doubtful than an egg? For all their whiteness, do they not move the gorge, and cause frequent harm? But if a hen lies on them with her genital fire, and constantly warms the gifts on which she rests, is there anything more certain than chicks, and living interest: in certainties, then, place your hope and glory.


1.  Corrected from the Errata (from hîc).

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