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Mens immota manet.[1]

The mind remains unmoved.

Dicitur interna vi Magnes ferra movere:
PerpetuÚ nautas dirigere inque viam.
Semper enim stellam firmŤ aspicit ille polarem.
Indicat hac horas, nos varieque monet.
Mens utinam in caelum nobis immota maneret,
Nec subito dubiis fluctuet illa malis.
Pax coŽat tandem, Christe, unum claudat ovile,
Lisque tui verbi iam dirimatur ope.
Da, sitiens anima excelsas sic appetat arces:
Fontis ut ortivi cervus anhelus aquas.

One says that the Magnet moves iron through its internal power and hence continuously directs sailors the way. For it always looks securely [without wavering] at the pole star. In this way it shows the hours, and warns us in various ways. If only our mind remained directed to heaven unmoved and would not suddenly waver at fickle misfortunes. Let your flock finally be assembled and united by peace, Christ, and let the conflict be ended by the work of your word. Give that our thirsty soul will long for the lofty strongholds, like the panting hart longs for the water of the rising source.


1.Vergil, Aeneid, 4.449, but proverbial in the sixteenth century.

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