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Iniuria gravis est omnibus.

To suffer wrong is grievous to all.

Ad Hadrianum Gulielmum Neapolitanum.[1]

Dum mollis, bibula & scopulis avellitur udis
Spongia, vim veluti sentiat illa, tremit.
Qụ magis est vivis iuiuria, visque dolenda,
Hinc odium, caedes, ultio moesta, furor.
Vel leviter contra nitenti verba minantur,
Et cessisse parum dedecus esse putant.
Haurit at ut patiens, multa hanc distendit & unda,
Tristia non meriṭ sic toleranda bonis.
Iustus erit vindex cunctorum crimina quaerens,
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [F3v p86]Se huius qui patitur sustineat monitis.
Reddet pro factis quantumlibet ille modestis,
Impia iudicio fex peritura Dei est.
Nilominus studeo benè de quocunque mereri,
Officio vincam sic stimulum invidiae.

When the soft thirsty sponge is torn away from the wet rocks, it trembles as though it feels the violence. The fresher an injury and the force that causes pain, thence hatred comes (more readily, with) bloodshed, sad revenge, and mad rage. Or words threaten him mildly who opposes [sc. the sinner], and they think it no dishonour to desist [sc. the sufferers]. But as the sponge patiently sucks up much water and becomes distended with it, so should good men tolerate undeserved sufferings. There will be a just avenger who presses charges against all for their crimes, and let the man who suffers sustain himself with warnings. Let him give in return as much as he likes for modest deeds, while the impious dregs will perish by the verdict of God. I strive no less to deserve good from all men: thus, with dutiful goodness, I will conquer the spur of envious hatred.


1.  Adriano Guglielmo Spadaforo of Naples, collector of manuscripts and ancient artefacts. He was also uncle of the famous natural philosopher, Gianbattista Della Porta.

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