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Empta dolore voluptas.

Pleasure bought with pain.

Stellatam ostentat caudam Iunonius ales,
Sed natibus monstrum caelat, inestque vorax.
Ducitur Ó tergo vinctus qui pascit edacem,
Quicquid erat lucri prodidit inque feram.
Cui meretrix forma placet, utque colatur inescat,
Perpetu˛ ad turpes cogeris esse nates.
Has alis, & semper veneraris donec abundas,
Pauperior c¨m fis, pellit amica foras.
Heus fuge scorta procul, nocet empta dolore voluptas.
Venere & Baccho, semina mortis eunt.

The bird of Juno shows her starry tail, but hides a monster in his buttocks, and he is greedy. The one who feeds him is pulled in chains, and wastes all his wealth on the wild creature. If you find a prostitute worth possessing because of her beauty, and are lured into worshipping her, you’ll be forced to spend all your life on your ugly buttocks. You feed her, and you’ll be up for sale as long as you are rich; when you are poorer, your girlfriend will drive you out of doors. Flee far from whores! Bought pleasure harms with pain. The seeds of death are born from wine and women.

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