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Sera parsimonia.

Frugality that comes too late

Semper eris pauper reditus si sumptibus aeques,
Et larga dones munera cuique manu.
Enumera census, subduc ratione supersit
An multum, lapso & mense quid addideris,
Tempore provideas, vacua ne sede morere:
Marsupio restet quantula summa vide.
Ne senium, morbi, duris & rebus egestas
Quando urgent, ludat fundus inanis herum.
Nec tamen insideas partis, non crastina verses
Sollicitč: fructus sit mediocris opum.

You will always be poor if you equal income with expenses, and offer with lavish hand gifts to anyone. Make up the balance, calculate what remains from the sum, whether there is much, and whether you added anything in the past month. Watch out in time, before you linger in an empty house: Look how much there is left in your purse, lest its empty bottom will mock the owner, when old age, diseases and dearth in hard times are pressing. But also do not sit on your possessions, do not ponder anxiously over what will be tomorrow: let the satisfaction of your property be modest.

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