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Tempore cuncta mitiora.

All things grow better with time.

Praeteriens quidam vites, nondumque calore
Maturum arripiens gustat, damnatque racemum.
Quinetiam pedibus contrivit, nullus ut inde
Austero imbueret succo sua labra viator.
Iudicium pravum est hominum, nec tempora norunt
Expectare, min¨s cupiunt subiisse labores.
Ardua sunt aditu prim˛, quae pulchra fatemur,
Tempore sed fiunt opera, & p˛st mitia cuncta.
Sed refugit penitus botrum formosa puella,
Casta & ἄοινος enim, sidus nec palmiti amicum est.

A man, walking by some vines, tore off a bunch not yet ripened by the heat, and tasting it, declared it bad. He even crushed it under foot, so that no traveller should stain his lips with such sour juice. But the judgement of men is biased, and they do not know how to wait for time’s fullness; even less do they wish to undertake labours. The things we say are beautiful are hard at first, but they are made with the help of time, and later, are all sweet. But the beautiful girl flees the grape altogether, for she is chaste and aoinos [wineless] and the constellation is not friendly to the wine-shoot.

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