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Otium sortem expectat.

Laziness waits on fortune.

Colle molendinum parvo statuere parentes,
Ventus ut exagitet, farra terantque molae.
Omnibus ut vitam auxiliis ars protegat, ornetque,
Opprimat incautos ne diuturna fames.
Ast ratio melior qum[1] suppetit unda perennis,
Flabraque dum desunt ne rota cesset iners.
Ventisona ignavis similes, quibus otia cordi,
Dum sortem sperant, ingenioque vacant.

The parents built the windmill on a small hill, so that the wind should move it, and the millstones grind the grain, that art with all necessary help should protect and advance life, and long hunger need not oppress the imprudent. But reasoning is better when a perpetual stream seeks it, so that, when the wind dies, the wheel should not stand inactive. Windmills are like the reckless good-for-nothings who love laziness, and lack intelligence as they wait for the hand of fate.


1. This has been changed from the Errata (from qum).

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