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Non dolo, sed virtute.

Not by deceit, but virtue.

Bergae (est oppidulum mari propinquum
In pinguem patet unde iter zelandum[1])
Nuper simiola edidit notandum
Exemplum, simul & dolo iocosum.
Nam cłm castaneas foco sepultas
Vidisset, cinerem institit movere,
Prunas sed metuens, statim catelli
Stertentis pede surripit coacto.
Res est digna fide recentiori.
Laus est alterius malo cavere,
Sed fraus est alii dolo nocere.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [G8r p111]Fraudes nectere qui solent malignč,
Quaerunt commoda sic malis bonorum.
Delirant quoque Reguli, Ducesque,
Sed poenam luit innocens popellus,
Huius sanguine dividunt furores.

Not long ago in Berga (a small town by the sea where the road to fat Zeeland begins) a small monkey gave us an example noteworthy and amusing for its cunning. For, when he saw the chestnuts buried in the hearth, he began to brush the ash aside, but, afraid of the burning coals, he suddenly seized the foot of a sleeping puppy and stole it out. The thing is worthy of your trust, for it happened not long ago. To divert harm from another is worthy of praise, but to harm another with cunning is deceit. Those who like to weave evil plots seek to gain the advantage over good people with evils. Little kings and leaders too are mad, but the punishment falls on the innocent populace: with its blood they divide their insanity.


1.  Bergen-op-Zoom, town in North Brabant on the sea facing the province of Zealand.

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