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Stultitiam patiuntur opes.

Wealth permits stupidity.

Multi quos opibus Deus beavit,
Aut Fortuna, solent leves abuti
In res prodigialiter nocentes.
Ut queīs ingenium foret benignum,
Et doctas sequier velint camoenas,
In fastus abeant, opes morentur,
Nulli ut consuluisse, nec iuvare
Dignentur premit ut bonos egestas.
Nollem divitiae mihi darentur
Istae, queīs decus, & perenniores
Laudes impediuntur, ac moventur.
Quare stultitiam pati venustus
Vates dixit opes, nec expetendas,
Fortunatus eris, sed haud beatus.

Many whom God or Fortune has made happy with riches have abused them rashly, causing harm to their property with prodigal spending, so that those who have abundant talent and wish to follow the learned Muses take on a kind of haughtiness, wait upon money, and do not think to ask anyone for advice or offer help if poverty is oppressing good men. I do not wish that I should be given such riches as these: let glory and lasting praises obstruct and remove them! For the charming poet has said that riches put up with stupidity, and that they are not to be sought: you will be lucky, but not happy.

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