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Quos levis ambitio inflavit, populique favorem
Muneribus captant, gloria vana subest.
Hosque utri pleno assimiles, ventoque tumenti,
Nam arbitrium vulgi semper inane sonat.
Qui tribui veram sibi laudem quaerit, ineptos
Contemnat plausus, iudicioque regat.
Virtus aeternům celebrat, pietasque tuetur:
Laus & laudatis est placuisse viris.

On those whom shallow ambition inflates and who seek the favour of the people with gifts, vain glory waits. Compare them to a wineskin full and puffed up with wind, for the opinion of the crowd is always loud, but empty. Anyone who desires real fame for himself condemns foolish applause and rules with judgement. He celebrates always virtue, and defends piety, for true praise is to be commended by men who are praised.

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