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Consuetudo prava.

Bad habit

Rebus in humanis praepostera opinio vulgi,
Ac sequitur morem, quem semel obtinuit.
Scindit enim panem ferro, quid mollius illo?
Dentibus at duras frangit ab ore nuces.
Ista quidem, fateor, sunt consuetudine facta,
Si tamen excutias, quid nisi stultitia est?
Noxia paulatim repunt, nec protinus omne
Funditur in laeso corpore virus atrox.

The opinion of the people in human affairs is topsy-turvy and follows the habit it has once acquired. For it cuts bread with a knife: what is softer than that? It cracks hard nuts however with its mouth. Indeed, those things, I admit, are generated by habit. Yet if you examine it, what else is it but foolishness? Injurious things crawl slowly, similarly black venom does not spread immediately through an injured body.

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