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Temporis iactura. Ad pilulam.

Waste of time. To a little ball

Parvula cur fallis iuvenes tua signa secutos?
An reficis vires, munera numve refers?
Retia dum volucrem faciunt, an viribus usa
Tu propriis extra limina salva fugis?
Mox inventa places, iterumque redempta moveris,
Ac solita toties isque redisque via.
Aegris haud verita es certam spondere salutem,
Qua sanos privas, inque furore noces.
Exhauris numos, aliena laude triumphas,
Conveniunt nugae, fictaque verba tibi.
Non haec lex olim pilulae, nec abusibus istis
Caupo tuam implebant atria trita manum.
Aut igitur sumptus minuas, & tempora multis
Restitue, aut nunquam sufferat aura levem.

Little thing, why do you deceive young boys who follow your movements: do you restore their energy, or do you give them anything in return? While the rackets [lit. nets] make you swift, did you use your own strength to escape beyond the save limits? Soon you please the youth and once bought, you will again be moved and many times go to and fro on your familiar track. You do not shy away from guaranteeing the sick a sure health, of which you deprive the fit, who you subsequently harm with frenzy. You swallow up all the money, celebrate a triumph with someone else’s success, nonsense and made-up talk befit you. Once this was not the right of the ball, nor did these discoloured common things fill your hand, shopkeeper, because of these [terrible] misuses. Therefore, either reduce the expenses, and give back time to many people, or let the air never bear the light thing again.

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