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Dii coepta secundant.

Let the gods favour our endeavours.

In terram pila quae iacitur connisa[1] resultat,
Et levat in medium se aŽra, prona redit.
Excipit hanc densis quae apparet nubibus apta,
In caelum & rapiunt conscia vota manus.
In Superis quisquis solitus spem ponere curae
Audeat, en coeptis protinus astra favent.

The ball that’s thrown to earth gathers itself and bounces back, lifts itself into the middle of the sky, and then suddenly returns. A hand, fixed in the clouds, seizes it and lifts it into the sky: hands catch the thankful votive. Let anyone who likes to put his hope of care in the gods take courage: for see! the stars immediately favour our endeavours.


1.Corrected from the Errata (from convisa).

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