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Simul & semel.

At the same time, and once and for all.

Quaeritur, & tantum iactatur lite perenni,
Utrum prius fuerit, gravis
Incus, an duro qui verbere malleus illum
Fatigat. Hanc discordiam,
Nobis, quod caussas ignorat, prodit ineptum
Vulgus, nec audit candidos.
Quippe Deus menti nostrae simul indidit usus,
Poscebat illa c¨m duo.
Omnia momento potuit perfecta creare,
Dedit & simul minutula.
Non spacium, aut tempus tum partibus intercessit,
Cor, hepar item copulat.
Ne nimis haec igitur curarum separet ardor,
Non superet haec opinio.

Men ask, and it is bandied back and forth in constant strife, whether the heavy anvil came first into existence, or the hammer that tires it with hard blows. The silly mob, since it knows not the causes, hands the debate over to us but does not listen to us, honest as we are. For God put the use into our brain at the same time, when it asked for two. God could create all things in perfection in a moment and at the same time he provided the tiniest things. No space or time came between the parts; he connected heart and liver in the same instant. Let not, then, the determination to find problems separate them, and do not let this opinion prevail.

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