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Pulchritudo vincit.
Ex Anacreonte.[1]

Beauty conquers. After Anacreon.

Natura cornua addidit
Tauro, ungulas equisve,
Cursu lepus perennis,
Dentes patent Leonis,
Pisces natare iussit,
Valent aves volatu.
Nil foeminae restabat.
Concessit at loco horum
Formam, placere possit
Qua, vincere & severos
Ignes, acuta tela.
Tantum potest venustas.

Nature gave horns to the bull and hooves to horses; the hare is constant in his flight, and the lion’s teeth open wide; he commanded fish to swim, and birds are strong in flying. Nothing remained for woman. So he gave her beauty in place of these, with which she can win hearts and conquer cruel flames and sharp spears. So powerful is beauty.


1.  6th-century BC Greek lyric poet.

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