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Tardè venere bubulci.

The herdsmen have come too late

Tardus Strephiades[1] fuerit miser ad dolos notandos,
Queis possit elusisse creditores.
His nam debuerat iuvenis magis artibus vacare,
Densis nec ista nubibus scrutari.
Res si digna foret studiis, labor omnibus locatur
Aetatibus rectè, nec improbarem.
Sed fraudesque dolosque senem meditari ineptius nil.
Ridetur, & fit fabula impotenter.
Dulces ergo sciat fatuus benè moribus dicare
Dum tempus, aetas apta fertque, natos.

Slow [stupid] Strepsiades was unfortunate in recognising the tricks by which he could escape his creditors. For he should rather have given his time to these crafts as a young man, and not analyse those thick clouds. If something deserves study it is right to put effort in it at all ages; I would find nothing wrong with that. But nothing is more improper for an old man than framing fraud and deceit: he is laughed at heartily and becomes the talk of the town. Therefore, let the fool know to commend his dear children to morals when time and suitable age permits.


1.  Strepsiades, a character from Aristophanes’ Clouds.

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