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Imprudens facinus.

Reckless wrongdoing

Insidiis captat mures, sequiturque nocentes
Triticeo felis pellat ut ā cumulo.
Fecit at interdum furem malesuada Cupido,
Murmure sed furtum prodidit ipse suum.
Non minus ingenio vicium, quām recta teguntur:
In cruce supplicium non benč cautus habet.
Illicitae & quamvis lateant nos saepč rapinae,
Serior at duplici poena dolenda venit.

The cat catches mice with tricks, following them and driving them out of the granary. But sometimes Desire, persuading a man to the bad, makes him a thief. He betrays his theft by his own noise. Not only his lapses of character, but the good qualities are hidden: he has his punishment on the cross, for he was not careful enough. Although dishonest thefts often elude us, later a double penalty must be paid.

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