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In spe fortitudo.

Fortitude in hope

Cornua qui tendit, volucres iraque sagittas
Mittere in adversum nititur exitium:
Altera pars aegrè cedit, durissima chorda est,
Laxa nec infractum sternere tela queunt.
Assistens quidam è sociis animum addidit ausis,
Et monet arcum uti totum in sua vota trahat.
Perfer & obdura, reliqua dum parte sequatur,
Ille ait, hoc facimus, munera digna feret.
Commoda qui cupiunt cunctorum, audentque nefandum
Corripere, invexit quod mala turba, scelus,
Auxilio adiuti divino coepta remittunt
Haud leviter, quamvis praepediatur opus.
Et mora nil animos frangit, sed firmat in omnes
Eventus: tales quid mervere Duces?

A man flexes a bow and prepares to send arrows flying in anger, to send death to the enemy: one part falls back, feebly, the bowstring is tough, the loose arrows cannot overthrow the unbroken enemy. One of his comrades-in-arms stands by, giving courage to his brave endeavours, and advises him to pull his whole bow in compliance with his hopes. “Be patient and hold out”, he says, “until it follows with the rest: (if) we do this, it will bring just rewards”. Those who wish for the comforts of all, and dare to seize unspeakable evil for themselves (which the evil mob carries), helped by divine aid, they do not easily give up what they have begun, however obstructed the act. And delay does not break their boldness, not at all, but it makes them firm against all chances: what do such commanders deserve?

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