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Dum vivo prosum.

As long as I live, I benefit others.

En quercus carie, & fulmine perdita,
Trunco conspicior semper inutili:
At non sedula quicquam
Imis negligo partibus.
Nam dum vita mihi, sensus & infimus
Nutrimenta sinit contrahere undique,
Nunquam desero suetum
Alendi officium meum.
Prosum trunca, novis frondibus, augeo
Vestros ruriculae continuò ac focos.
Quòd possum, licet aegra,
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [K6r p155]Vobis vertice largior.
Vellent si pariter nempè laboribus
Dum vivunt homines sollicitudine, &
Haec mortalia, vires Infimae licet, exequi:
Longè esset melior rebus in arduis
Cunctorum ratio, prospero & aethere
Nostris afforet ausis
Caelo qui sedet alto.

Here am I, an oak, ruined by decay and lightning, yet conspicuous still for my useless trunk. Yet I, hard-working, do not at all neglect my deepest parts. For as long as my life and the deepest sense permits me to pull together nutrients from everywhere, I do not desert my normal duty of feeding. I, a trunk, am of use to new leaves, and all the time I make the hearths of your small plot grow. What I can, I give abundantly to you with my head, though I am sick. As long as men live in sadness, and such is the mortal state, still, you can dredge up reserves of strength, however small. So, then, should all men act in hard times; and the One who sits enthroned in the high heavens would be a present helper in our endeavours, under a prosperous sky.

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