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Felicitas indigna, vel superflua.

Undeserved, or superfluous happiness

SpontŔ vomunt celsa dominis super aspera molles
Serica vermiculi, crescere cuncta putes.
Non alitur foliis, nec fotu, sed sine cura
Tam leve quod cernis pendulus urget opus.
Has cuperem messes, haec gloria ruris adesset,
Mox ego ditarer, milia multa darem.
Haec fortunatis nimium sed contigit arbos,
C¨m gravat ignavos cura paterna bonis.
Vel sors quos tabulis haeredes grata supremis
Scribit, avetque suo mortuus esse loco.
Mi satis est aliquid duro peperisse labore:
Praedia quae veniunt sorte, pericla vehunt.

Of their own accord the soft worms spew out rough silken threads above their masters - you think all of it grows. It is not fed by leaves, nor stimulated by warm medications, but without any concern, the pendulous animal smoothly squeezes the work you are seeing. I would wish for these harvests, that this glory of the countryside would be here, I would soon be rich and could give many thousands. This tree, however, has been granted to the exceedingly rich, when fatherly care burdens the idle ones with wealth, or those who a happy fortune marks as heirs in a last will and who the deceased is eager to have in his position. For me it would be sufficient to acquire something with hard work, (landed) properties that come through fortune bring dangers.

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