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Alterius indigens perpetua ope.

Eternally in need of another’s help.

Adamo Fumanno.[1]

Alterius semper vigili qui cogitur uti
Consilio, & monitis, rebus nec prospicit ultrò,
Hunc similem pinnae dixit laudanda vetustas.
Namque illa esuriens conchas distendit hiantes,
Pisciculos pote sit, praedam & cumulare natantem.
Verum ignara nihil sentit, nec claudit habendo
Escas, ni moveat rostro cancellus acuto,
Comprimat ut subito praedam communiter aptam.
Optimus est propriis qui rebus providet ipse,
Nec temnendus erit, si audit quos poscit amicos.
Exosum cunctis fugias, qui spernit utrumque.

A man forced always to use the wakeful counsel and advice of another, and who does not look to the future - him the opinion of honoured Antiquity compared to a mussel. For when she is hungry she opens wide her gaping shells, and is able to swallow up fishes and her swimming prey. But she feels nothing, nor closes her lures with having, unless she moves her sharp-beaked railing to close her prey in suddenly, caught from both sides. The best man is one who provides for his needs in all things, nor is he to be despised who hears the friends he asks. Flee, as hateful to all, the man who spurns both.


1.  Adamo Fumanno, Fumano or Fumani, canon, poet.

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