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Fidei canum exemplum.

Example of the loyalty of dogs

Sit quanta odori vis canis,
Et quae fides erga suos
Heros, monere quos vides
Possunt mei canes duo,
Bombo cui nomen dedi,
Matri & Madel simillimae.[1]
Hi me sequuntur per mare,
Terras per, & cunctos locos.
Hos Gallia alumnos tulit,
Videre Romam nescii,
Νεάν τε καὶ καλὴν πόλιν,
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [L3r p165]Et Teutonae terrae procul
Partem quae habetur optima.
Belgas peragrarunt simul,
Ducentur & spero brevi
Dulcem in vocantem & patriam.
Merentur hi famam canes.
Sesus inesse cur neges
His bestiis sequacibus?

How strong a dog’s sense of smell is, and what loyalty they have for their bosses, of that my two dogs, that you see, can be a reminder. I called the one Bombo, and its exactly similar mother Madel. They follow me through sea, land and all places. France had them as puppies, unaware they saw Rome and beautiful Naples and the remote part of Germany that is regarded as the most delightful. They also crossed the Low Countries and shortly, I hope, they will be led into the sweet, calling fatherland. These dogs deserve fame. Why would you deny that these eagerly following animals do not have feelings?


1.  The significance (if any) of the names of Sambucus’ dogs is not certain: bömböl means to howl in Hungarian; mädel means a country lassie in German.

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