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Canis queritur nimium nocere.

A dog complains that excess harms.

Non ego furaces nec apros insector & ursos,
Applaudit nec hero blandula cauda[1] suo:
Sub iuga sed mittor validus, traho & esseda collo,
Quaeque levant alios viribus usque premor.
Per vicos ductum me alii latratibus urgent,
Miratur casus libera turba meos.
Quąm fueram charus dominae, si parvulus essem,
Non mensa, lecto nec caruisse velim.
Sic multis vires, & opes nocuere superbae:
Contentum modico & profuit esse statu.

I do not pursue thieves and wild boars or bears, nor does my flattering tail applaud its master, but being strong I am yoked and with the neck I pull a car. I am constantly oppressed by what raises up others by my strength. When I am led through the neighbourhood other dogs press me by their barking, the free lot wonders at my misfortune. How dear would I have been to my mistress if I were a little dog; I would not have wished to have missed table or bed. In this way, to many people proud strength and possessions have been harmful while being contented with a modest situation has done good.


1.  Corrected from Errata (from caussa).

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