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Nusquam tuta fides.

No trust is ever sure.

Ad Petrum Sambukii parentem suum.

For his father, Petrus Sambucus

Dum rigidos artus elephas, dum membra quiete
Sublevat, assuetis nititur arboribus:
Quas ubi venator didicit, succidit ab imo,
Paulatim ut recubans belua mole ruat.
Tam leviter capitur duri qui in proelia Martis
Arma, viros, turrim, tergore vectat opes.
Nusquam tuta fides, nimium ne crede quieti,
Saepius & tutis decipiere locis.
Hippomenes pomis Schoeneďda vicit amatam,
Sic Peliam natis Colchis acerba necat.
Sic nos decipiunt dedimus quibus omnia nostra:
Saltem conantur deficiente fide.

While the elephant rests his stiff joints and limbs, he leans against trees tried and true. When the hunter has learned which these are, he cuts them at the base, so that the beast leaning on it bit by bit should take it down with his weight. So easy is it to capture those, who in the battles of Mars carry on their backs arms, men, and towers. No trust is ever sure, and do not put too much faith in quiet, for you will more often be deceived in secure places. Hippomenes defeated his love, the daughter of Schoeneus, with apples, and so the harsh daughter of Colchis killed Pelias by means of his daughters. So those deceive us to whom we give our all; but they only try as trust diminishes.

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