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Fairness [or Justice]

Principis officium scire est, iurisque periti,
Quid iubeant leges, conveniatque simul.
Lynceus est oculus iuris, sed prominet alter
Turbidus, ut rigidum temperet arbitriis.
Non nimis attentum Respublica, nonve remissum
Exigit, in medio ius, veniaeque placent.
Tum gladius rectè prudens dominabitur Orbi:
Cuius ab ancipiti vita cruore datur.

It is the task of a ruler and of those who are skilled in law to know what the laws prescribe, as well as what is becoming. The eye of the law is sharp as that of Lynceus, but the other, dazed eye is prominent, so that it can modify the strict one with respect to sentences. The republic does not call for someone too watchful or too soft: justice lies in the middle, and forgiveness finds favour. Then the wise sword will rule rightly over the world, by whose severe bloodshed life is given.

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