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Discors concordia.

Discordant Concord

Quamvis sit rerum dispar natura, minusque
Conveniant, subigit, iungit & arte modus.
Quae mage diversa inter se virtute resistunt
Antidotus qum quae theriacalis habet?
Haec tamen ars miscet, tandem & rediguntur in unum,
Unius ut nomen post medicina gerat.
Pestiferam illa arcet tabem, infectosque tuetur:
Excitat optato frigida membra tono.

Even though the nature of things is disparate, and they do not fit each other, still it [their nature] forces them together and joins their ways with art. What things are more opposed to each other in virtue than those contained in an antidote to animal poisons? These too art mixes, and they are joined finally so that the medicine, afterwards, wears the name of one alone. She keeps the rot that causes sickness away, and defends the infected: she excites the frigid limbs with the desired tone.

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