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In delectu copia.

Abundance in selection

Marco Laurino Brugensi.[1]

Assidet in viridi, tot picto & floribus horto
Virgo puellares inter habenda deas.
Cumque nihil desit, dubitat textura corollam,
Delectus florum quippe moratur opus.
Huc illuc spectat, mens est ignara decenter
Quae inserat, aut demat, misceat apta loco.
Quid sine iudicio prodest habuisse tot auri
Pondera, ni videas queis tribuisse licet?
Vera loquor, quot sunt inopes quos copia fecit,
Sumere dum metuunt, inque inhonora locant?

She sits, a girl whom one should place among the youthful goddesses, in a green place, a garden full of colourful flowers. And since it lacks nothing, the weaving doubts the garland; for the choice of flowers delays the work. The mind looks here and there, and cannot honestly decide what it should put in or take out, or place suitably in the mix. What is the use of possessing such a weight of gold and no proper discretion, unless you see clearly those to whom you should give it? I speak the truth: how many there are, rich men, whom wealth has made into paupers, for they fear to spend, and squander it on unseemly things.


1.  Marcus Laurinus (Lauryn or Lauweryn, Heer van Watervliet): numismaticist, antiquarian, and patron from Bruges (d. 1581).

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