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Tempestivč cavendum cuique aetati.

In all ages of life, take early precautions

Dum tibi sunt vires, iuvenilia pectora, disce,
Teque operi gnavus nocte, dieque para.
Quod semel elapsum est, nunquam revocatur in ortus,
Tempus, id exigimus more fluentis aquae.
Ni tibi sint messes aestivae, frigora laedent:
Ni studeas iuvenis, pauca senecta feret.
Ostrea sic noctu pascuntur, pinguia Phoebe
Et fiunt plena, temporibusque cavent.
Nudus ara, sere nudus, hyems ignava colono,[1]
Formicisque minus dedecus est sapere.

Young men, as long as you have your strength, you must [still] learn and prepare yourselves night and day for work. For time that is gone can no more be called back to its beginning: we exhaust it like the flowing water. The frosts keep you from harvesting your summer grain, and unless you study in your youth, old age will bring little. Oysters eat thus at night, and grow fat by the full moon, and take care for all eventualities. Plough naked and sow naked; the winter is harsh to the farmer - and wisdom for the ant is the lesser disgrace.


1.  Vergil, Georgics, 1.299.

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