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In labore fructus.[1]

Labour brings fruit

Ut Palamedis aves lapis, & concordia iungit,[2]
Excubiis dignum rostraque munus habent.
Hoc gentilicii Sambuco schema dedere,
Aeternum ut studiis proferat Orbe decus.
Est bicolor supra rosa flore decentior omni,
Afflet ut ornatam suavior aura domum,
Et vigili, & forti cedet victoria laudem,
Quae placidis semper moribus aequa venit.

Like the stone concord unites the birds of Palamedes, and their beaks hold a gift worthy of vigil. The gentilicii* have given this figure to Sambucus, so that he will display eternal distinction with his studies in the world. Above there is a double-coloured rose, more graceful than any other flower, so that a sweeter air flows to the honoured house, and victory may bring praise to the attentive and brave man, [victory], who always comes favourable to peaceful conduct.
* The exact sense of gentilicii is uncertain. It means ‘belonging to the gens’; so ?compatriots, or ?commission for coats-of-arms.


1.  This woodcut was also used in Junius in his emblem dedicated to Sambucus (no. 21, [FJUb021]).

2.  The birds of Palamedes were cranes. Palamedes, one of the Greeks attacking Troy who was framed by his own jealous colleagues and stoned, was said to have invented certain letters of the alphabet by watching cranes in flight.

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