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Simile ą simili non laeditur.

Like is never harmed by like.

Est quibus in furias animus, dentesque paratus,
Morsibus haud inter se appetiere canes.
Semper & imbelles mordent, quos cedere vires,
Aut anni cogunt, ut superare queant.
Piratae raro sese, praedoque latrones
Offendit, metuunt conditione pari.
Crescit at in duris virtus, maiora meretur,
Abstinet ą victis, inque superba ruit.

The soul of some is prone to furies and the tooth; though dogs almost never desire to bite each other. Always the coward bites, whom strength or years forces to retreat so as to win. Pirates and robbers rarely attack each other, for they fear an equal fate. But courage (virtus) grows in rough times, and deserves bigger things; it holds itself above the defeated, and throws itself on the proud.

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