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Sors ingeniosa.

Talented fate

Saeva Magis[1] quantum peperit discordia regnum,
Venit in alterius sed leviore manus.
At nisi consensus firmasset sortis honores,
Et dolus, hinnitus nil potuisset equi.
Seditio in dubium revocasset sceptra Darii,[2]
Atque trucidasset milia multa furor.
Sit velata oculos praeceps fortuna, rotaque
Stet licet, in cunctis ingeniosa valent.

However great the kingdom born by cruel strife for the magi was, it came into another’s hands more lightly. But unless there was agreement on the honours of fortune and the deception, the horse’s neigh would have accomplished nothing. Rebellion would have questioned Darius’ sceptres, and many thousands would have been slain by madness. Let outrageous fortune have her eyes bound, and let the wheel stand still: in all things talent decides.


1.  priests of the Persians, Zoroastrians

2.  Darius’ mare figures in Herodotus, The Histories, 3.

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