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Caelum, non animum mutant.[1]

They change their skies, but not their thinking.

Non iter, aut caelum mores formare benignos,
Sed natura solet, quae moderata iubet.
Multi quos mitis naturae finxerat ordo
Externis vitiant, se maculantque locis.
Quodque nemus Tygres prohibet, saltusque leones,
Post feritas maior quām fuit ante, venit.
Laus est tot populos, mores, vidisse tot urbes,
Sed quis amat quām te cura paterna magis?
Erudiet quis te, primis quām qui educat annis,
Ut senii fias dulce prementis onus?

Neither road nor sky, but rather nature herself commands us to form generous habits, for it is she who rules us. Many whom the order of nature rendered kindly are ruined and fouled in foreign places. And if the wood excludes tigers, and the forest lions, a greater wildness comes later than was there before. It is a mark of pride to have seen so many peoples, ways, and cities, but who loves you more than paternal care? Who teaches you more than he who educated you in your first years, so that you should become the sweet burden of bothersome old age?


1.  Horace, Epodes, 1.11.27.

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