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Nihil negligendum.[1]

Nothing should be neglected.

Ad Ioannem Listhium Secretarium Caesaris.[2]

Impulsam ventis, & forti remige navem
Quis remoram dicat posse tenere mari?
In minimis etiam vis est, mora quelibet ingens,
Ni videas, praeter spem remoratur opus.
Quae ausa est Actiacam subitÚ tardare carinam[3]
Et prohibet cursus, parva echeneÔs erat.
Nil igitur spernat, cui magna negotia curae,
Qualia pisciculus semipedalis agit?

Who would say a remora could hold steady on the sea a ship impelled by winds and strong oarsmen? There is a power even in the smallest things, some kind of powerful delay: if you don’t pay attention, the thing stalls unexpectedly. A little lamprey dares slow the Actian keel, and stops it speeding. So a man concerned with great business despises nothing. How great the works of six-inch fishes are!


1.This emblem uses the same image as an earlier emblem, ‘Vel minima offendunt’ ([FSAb046]).

2.JŠnos Liszthy (or Listhi): Bishop of Veszprem, then of GyŲr; Imperial Chancellor, 1554-1567, and Hungarian secretary in the Hungarian court chancellery in Vienna (d. 1577).

3.Actiacam...carinam: ‘the Actian keel’ seems to refer to the Battle of Actium, between the naval forces of Marc Antony and Octavian in 31 BC, though the prcecise meaning of the reference is unclear. It could refer to the heavier boats of Antony’s forces that were unable to outmanoeuvre the lighter ships of Octavian.

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