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Periculum authori nocens.

Danger harms its author

Ceperat exiguum nuper pirata phaselum,
Et servos quotquot prenderat esse iubet,
Sed leve concessit stolido victoria lucrum,
Praedaque piscator fit, dominusque minor.
Nam dum capturam solitas vectabat ad oras,
Aeolus adversis vela repellit aquis.
Titaniumque furor vinctos ad littus amicum
Sistit, heri collo ut vincla soluta ferant.
Mobilitas quanta est sortis, praecepsque volucrum,
Quām subito authori damna parata nocent.

Not long ago, a pirate captured a tiny skiff and ordered everyone he captured to be slaves. But victory conceded easy profit to a fool, and the prey became a fisherman, and the lord smaller. For as he took his catch to the usual shores, Aeolus struck the sails back with waves from the wrong direction. The rage of the Titans [i.e., storms] drove the chained prisoners to a friendly shore, and the next day they bore fetters unchained from their necks. However great the mutability of fortune, and the swift flight of birds, so quickly does suffering long prepared redound on its author.

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