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Poena sequens.

Punishment in pursuit

Qui furto abstulerat non parvo pondere carnes,
Coniicit in saccum, collo onus inde levans.
Dumque fuga caelat facinus, divertit ad aedes
Hospitis, & vacuat pocula larga siti.
Corripitur somno defessus, donec inertem
Strangulat appensum, sponteque punit onus.

A man stole a heavy piece of meat, and threw it into a sack, lightening the burden with his neck. And while he concealed the crime with flight, he came to the house of an innkeeper, and emptied full glasses in his thirst. He was caught, exhausted in his sleep; the weight dangling from him strangled him as he rested, and his burden punished him without help.

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