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Principum negligentia.

Carelesness of princes

Quid Polyphemus habet? trunco vestigia firmat.
Errat balantum grex, sequiturque ducem.
Caecus at est custos, cui vino lumen ademptum,
Solaturque novum fistula rauca malum.
Nnne haec conveniunt nostri ques credita cura est,
Princeps, seu pastor sit ratione carens?
Delitiae privant quos cernis luce perenni,
Suavibus ac hilares ocia rebus agunt.
Heu cuncta in peius labuntur, fata suprema
Nos captant, reliquus quis pietatis honos?
Link to an image of this page Link to an image of this page [O5r p217]Quisque suo sensu regitur, conscendit Olympum,
Nec monstrant gressus qui voluere duces.
Unum Cyclopes oculum, sed fronte gerebant,
Are qu in medio fulgura prospicerent,
Ac superm vates quae essent ventura monerent,
Nunc Polypheme orbo lumine lumen eris?

What is wrong with Polyphemus? He supports his steps with a stick; his flock of sheep strays about and follows its leader. The guard, however, is blind, deprived of light through wine, and the hoarse shepherd’s pipe softens his recent pain. Is this not appropriate for those who are entrusted with taking care of us, when it is a prince or shepherd without judgment? As you see, pleasure deprives of eternal light and cheerful they lead a life of leisure under delightful circumstances. Alas, everything falls into a worse state and the final destiny will catch up with us; what respect for duty is left? Everyone is guided by his own reason and ascends Olympus, and the leaders who have wanted to show the way, do not do so. The Cyclopses had only one eye, but on their forehead, with which they could foresee the lightning in the middle of the air and show, as seers of the gods, what would come; will you now be a light for us, as Polyphemus is dereft of light?

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