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Cura publica.

Public care

Petro Victorio.[1]

Obscuras penetro nubes, venatibus insto
Falco, sed aërium non premit ulla sitis.
Non ego declino, cumulatque volatus honores,
Aucupio mens est dedita tota suo.
Contulit hoc natura diu, ut servire per auras,
Et praeda dominos exhilarare queam.
Nulla fames perdit mentem, iuga summa pererro,
Nec mora, crede, orbis si peragrandus erit.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [O6r p219]Hoc utinam praestent, quos publica cura fatigat:
In medium ut, sibi quàm, consuluisse velint.
Taedia perpetuò superas, victoria nunquam,
Quam peperit studium, est interitura tibi.
Restituis veteres, ac donas luce sepultos,
Hoc praestare utinam te monitore queam.
Non labor, aut sumptus desunt, sed viribus impar;
Umbram, si potero, consequar usque tuam.

I, the falcon, make my way into dark clouds, but no thirst [in the sense of ‘a violent craving’] drives the airborne animal. I do not change direction, and the flying amasses honours, my mind is totally devoted to hunting [aucupium: bird-catching or fowling]. Since long, Nature has attributed this capacity, so that I can serve my masters in the air and gladden them with the prey. No hunger ruins my mind, I wander through the highest cliffs, and, believe me, there will be no delay if the earth has to be scoured. May those whom the public administration leaves no rest, show that they care for the common good rather than for themselves. You conquer aversions forever, and you will never lose a victory that zeal [devotion or study] created. You revive the ancients and present the buried with light: if only I could achieve this under your guidance. Neither dedication nor money is lacking, but my strength is inferior; I shall follow your shadow wherever I can.


1.  Pietro Vettori, philologist and classicist, notably on Cicero, taught at Florence (d. 1585).

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