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Conscius ipse sibi.


Quem regium vexat malum,
Et bilis occupavit externam cutim,
Citrinus ut totus siet.
Oculos color suffundit idem, & impedit,
Ut quicquid aspicias, tibi
Videatur omne auri colorem habere, nec
Propriis referre rem notis,
Ut fallier queas, amicus ni monet.
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [P2r p227]Idem accidit vitris, color
Cům tinxit, haec simile nam habent in omnibus
Quae cernis & cognoveris.
Nec secus iniquum qui gerunt animum, malč
De aliis, sinistrč & iudicant.
Quod sunt malorum conscii, primi & duces.
Sic arguunt sese mali.
Ovem lupus rapiens remulcet caudulam.

Who has jaundice he will have bile taking over his outer skin, so that he is completely yellow. The same colour fills and hinders the eyes, so that whatever you may see, will seem to have a golden colour, and not to indicate the object with its own signs, so that you can err, if a friend does not warn you. The same happens with glass, when it is coloured, for with everything you see and perceive these signs resemble each other. Just so, who carry a dishonest disposition, judge others wrongly and unfavourably. In this way, the wicked prove themselves guilty, because they are aware of sins and the first guides to them. A wolf stealing a sheep lays back its tail.

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