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Fides non apparentium.[1]

Faith in what is invisible.

Ad Michaëlem Brutum.[2]

Nititur invisis cerṭ fiducia rebus,
Alto flexivagus piscis ut amne latet.
Est tenebrosum iter, angustumque ad templa Deorum:
Apparent minimùm, sunt manifesta tamen.
Sic nos qui in caelum Christus revocavit ab orco
Credere promissis, tutaque verba iubent.
His te committas, nec aget te devius error,
Quae mora securos fallere, quisve potest?

Like the fish meandering in the river, so faith strives with certainty towards unseen ends. The path to the temples of the Gods is shadowy and narrow; they are not seen, but are still manifest. So words we can trust command us whom Christ calls back to heaven from hell are commanded to believe in promises. Entrust yourself to these, and error will not mislead you. What delay, who indeed can harm those who are secure?


1.  Cf. Hebrews 11:1.

2.  Giammichele Bruto (Johann Michael Brutus): Artist, historian, and philologist; originally from Venice, worked under Bathory in Transylvania and Poland, then as Imperial historian in Vienna (d. 1594).

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